In place of gathering for Art With Heart this year, we’ve been asking our community to express their love for Casey House in a drawing or in words.

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Corey Bulpitt reimagines the iconic LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana, infusing American pop art with traditional Northwest Coast imagery by transforming the O into a formline salmon head.

Corey Bulpitt
digital print — signed, numbered, framed
20” × 20”

Edition of 25

$2,000 each

Courtesy of Fazakas Gallery and the artist

Corey Bulpitt (b.1978), also known as Taakeit Aaya or “Gifted Carver” by the Haida of the Naikun Raven clan, was born in Prince Rupert, BC. An avid painter, jeweler and carver, he has also employed spray paint to create murals involving urban youth in Vancouver. Bulpitt is a member of the newly emerged Beat Nation Live arts collective. In 2017, he received the BC Creative Achievement Award for First Nations Art for Artistic Excellence in both traditional and contemporary visual art.

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